Haiku by JC

My absence from the Rage the last month and change has bordered on irresponsible.  I’ve been dealing with some life shit, and now that it’s handled, I found myself ready to commit to the blog I created for the sake of entertaining my friends, my enemies, and casual third-party observers.

But in the last 48 hours, Papelbon blows an inconceivable 9th inning lead and Ty Warren goes on IR with a phantom hip injury.  How the fuck is JC supposed to come correct after that kind of trauma??

That news straight up chalked my enthusiasm and left me with a dearth of words to punch on the screen.  Historically when that happens, I turn to my favorite medium for expressing myself cleverly, the 5-7-5.


I think I’m Big Meech
Larry Hoover. Gettin Work
(UGH) Hallelujah

Number ninety four
Injured reserve, D-line fucked
Texas A and M

Papelbon sucks, huh?
Velocity is way down
Get some new goggles

Mr. H annoyed
By my two month long absence
I’m back…….but sober

Pats looked sharp last night
And Julian Edelman
Is one real fast Jew

Cumberland, RI
Little League World Series berth
Dante Baldelli

You guys see Hard Knocks?
Rex is such a big, fat FUCK
Excellent TV

Speaking of TV
Best show on television
Sons Of Anarchy (Back the Tuesday after Labor Day)

Fantasy Football
Makes Sunday even better
Need DirecTV

Mosque at Ground Zero?
That’s a delicate issue
But no fucking way!

GTL Baby
Grenade Free Federation
Yet, they bang grenades

New York Football Jets
Needed Indy to lay down
They go eight and eight

Whatever.  When you lose one of the heart and soul guys of your most dominant four season stretch, and the Red Sox lose Youk AND a terrible game in the same 12 hours, it’s tough to write something informative, funny, or any reasonable combination of the two.

I will say this though.  When I predicted in June the the first six draft choices of our 2010 litter (McCourty, Spikes, Gronk, Hernandez, Price, Mesko) would all be starters on opening day of 2011 – as in next year – I was chided and shit-talked and punked out by all the know nothing fans at 18to88.com, a haven for midwest shit kickers and Mid Major college students who have no viable source for information other than Nate Dunlevy’s agenda driven imagination.

Looks like I might be right by Week 4, you stupid hacks.

– JC


About J.C.

I'm particularly hostile towards the Jets, Colts and Canadiens.
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